Windows: Becoming admin

Posted by Christian Ashby on March 2, 2010

Windows Vista and 7 introduced a feature called ‘User Account Control’ which restricts users to running user-level commands without somehow confirming that they want to use administrator privileges. Usually applications (such as installation programs) automatically ask the user whether they want to use those additional privileges.

For the command prompt and other programs you can do one of three things to run them as ‘Administrator’:

  1. Use the icon: Right-click on the shortcut to the program and select Run As...
  2. Permanently select run as administrator: Right-click on the shortcut to the program and select Properties then select Run as Administrator in the Compatibility tab.
  3. Use the search box and a shortcut key: Click Start, then type the program name in the search box. Instead of hitting enter when the program is highlighted above, use CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

This feature mimics the ‘sudo’ feature in modern Linux operating systems which allows you to run commands ‘as root’.


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